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Sara Kubiak interviewed for her first p.r. agency job from a pay phone in the parking lot at the Grand Canyon. Dating herself with the pay phone reference, Sara has always loved adventure. And after graduating from college with a double major in Journalism and German from the University of Minnesota, she took a train-trip around the U.S., and went straight from the train station to the interview and got the job two days later.

Sara has worked on projects for some of the country’s largest food companies including Schwan’s, Carapelli Olive Oil, Hormel, The Iams Company, the LEYE restaurant group, Thermo King, General Mills, Pillsbury, Denny’s and Warsteiner beer. She has almost twenty years of experience in media relations, new product launches and managing special events. She has helped Race for the Cure with their media relations and is proud to have worked at the grandmother of all food events, the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest.

She loves to try new recipes and read cookbooks. Her husband and two young children are usually up for the culinary adventure. Sara believes in the power of dark, leafy green vegetables and advocates for them as often as she can. Last summer, she and her family played a game where her son would spin the globe and wherever his finger landed, she would make a meal from that place. It was great fun until the week the globe stopped at Uzbekistan.

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