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Sara Kubiak was born to be a publicist. It is in her blood, she publicizes people, companies and ideas even when people don’t pay her to do it. As a freelancer, she has focused on generating media coverage in top-tier publications. She is proud of have booked stories online, in newspapers and magazines and on television stations around the country. She also know her way around trade publications. She has worked for many of the top companies and brands in the world. If you see it in a grocery store, Sara has probably pitched it. With a strong background in food, she has also enjoyed working with a wide variety of industries.

Alas, the world and how we communicate has changed, Sara is a student of blockchain technology and an advocate for clean energy. She loves big ideas and champions creative concepts. She is looking for community builders, modern day pioneers, maker of things, risk takers who are doing good works so she can tell their stories to the world.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mass Communications and German. Sara loves winter and the peace and quiet of a giant snowstorm.



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